Data and Program Evaluation

1. Take the Fear out of Using Data

A 4-part training using the Schusterman Data Playbook as a curriculum. Read about our successful pilot EJE Learning Lab Report Final – Naava Frank LLC

  1. What Data to Collect?
  2. How to Collect Data?
  3. Making Meaning of Data
  4. Communicating Results

2. Logic Model/Theory of Change Development

To maximize the conceptual clarity of impact measurement and to enhance the accuracy of data collection, it is desirable to articulate a logic model or theory of change. While not identical they are actually pretty similar. Increasingly donors are requesting that organizations develop an articulated theory of change to guide their evaluations.

The process engages the key lay and professional leadership in defining the desired short-term, medium-term, and long-term impacts. The theory of change will guide the creation of measurement tools and should, therefore, be undertaken at the beginning of an evaluation study.  For more information about theory of change click here. For samples click here.

Naava Frank, LLC can work in collaboration with staff to lead the process, collect data, synthesize perspectives, draft and take feedback on the document, and design and deliver the final product.