Networks and Communities


  • Increase engagement and reduce costs
  • Maximize the ROI of Communities of Practice, networks, professional development, online learning and competency-based performance
  • Incorporate a broad range of adult learning methodologies
  • Design and measure the impact of learning.

Get Unstuck or Fine-Tune Your Communities of Practice/Network 

Do you want to increase engagement and save costs? Has your community of practice moved from resource sharing to self-organizing for systemic change? Is your network allowing you to save on staff salaries? We help our clients achieve measurable outcomes and better results from their network with the network extending the reach of your organization and reducing some of the work load on your staff.

Engage Your Alumni

Have you tapped the enormous potential that lies in the alumni of your programs or employee alumni?

  1. Clarify the ROI and goals for your program
  2. Collect pilot data from alumni
  3. Collaboratively design and launch an alumni program
  4. Set up systems for continuous feedback


Try a Focused Training Cycle That Models a Community of Practice Methodology

  1. Pre-meeting: Naava listens and analyzes the challenge, prepares agenda, resources and reads background materials
  2. Coaching session: (teleconference or face-to-face)
  3. Post-meeting: Naava synthesizes notes, makes recommendations and shares resources in a report delivered within one week.