Chat Bots and Community Management

Reflecting on the long-term power of networks. Today I have been learning about chatbots  from my colleague Joitske Hulsebosch. I met Joitske well over a decade ago when we both took a CP Square course with John Smith and Etienne Wenger and have been following each other on linked in etc.

Joitske’s article THERE’S A CHATBOT FOR THAT! CHATBOTS FOR LEARNING AND REFLECTION piqued my curiosity and I followed one of her suggested links to
this article ARE ALL CONVERSATIONAL USER EXPERIENCES EQUAL? claiming that ” A well selected chatbot has the ability to increase user engagement and satisfaction, boost sales, accelerate brand awareness, and take a company to the next level.” It seems that it is going to be increasingly hard to tell when we are speaking with a person versus a chatbot. If chatbots can produce personalized engagement – what does that mean for us as community managers? Do they have any role in community? What about producing connections like me and Joitske? What are your thoughts?